Parent Coaching and Consultation from Baby to Teen Years

My collaborative method is to empower families with practical therapeutic tools and strategies. I



You may find yourself looking for new techniques because you have a child who does not respond to the  parenting advice that is out there. You may be struggling with a child who is going through a transition or loss or has behavioural issues, bad habits or a diagnosis. Or you may just be wanting to check in to talk about strategies or gain more depth or tweak your relationship. I will work with you to uncover inspiration and easy-to-follow-through techniques, grounded in neuroscience and attachment, that would best suit your family. 

I also work with parents who want to learn how to keep their cool and work with their strong emotions, such as anger, helplessness, numbing, betrayal, guilt and shame.  Often we can feel these self-defensive feelings automatically rise and cause "unparental" impusles. We may have a hard time connecting to our child's emotions because we are feeling emotionally swamped or numb to them. These strong emotions and the stress that comes with it, can block us from our natural caregiving abilities. This compromised care leads to more of the same strong emotions, such as guilt, and helplessness and anger.  While still feeling your emotions deeply and honestly, you will learn how to push through them to stay grounded and aware. With this awareness, you will learn how to approach your child with renewed playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy. Along with this, you will re-regulate your caregiving abilities, foster deeper social engagement, and facilitate your children’s development.

In turn, your child's anxiety and stress will lower as they feel more understood, know what is expected of them and feel supported and loved unconditionally. They will stop seeing you as their obstacle and will begin to see the world with curiosity and find their path through all the challenges that unfold.

I offer hands-on therapeutic strategies and tools to help you:

  • Develop compassion and mirroring empathy and active listening techniques
  • Learn to soothe and calm your child
  • Get out of parenting traps and break bad habits, patterns and negative behaviours that make you feel stuck or controlled.
  • Stop the endless battles over homework, routine, eating and more...
  • Keep cool and calm the storm - work through yours and your child's anger and other strong emotions
  • Lower stress and anxiety in you and your child

Examples of reasons clients seek my services :

  • Power struggles
  • Negative, unhealthy behavioural issues
  • Parenting anxiety, stress, anger or helplessness
  • Child or Teen's anxiety, stress, anger, helplessness or impulse control
  • Sibling Rivalry and new baby jealousy
  • Transitional times: to new school, home, separation, divorce, traumatic situation or loss in your family
  • Setting Limits with negotiable and non-negotiable rules
  • "Whole-family” schedule, ritual and routine building
  • Single parent support and resources
  • Blended Families support
  • Toddler behavior challenges- stop biting and hitting, de-escalate tantrums and other forms of expressions
  • Tweaking your parenting style


    Free Consult: Our first phone conversation provides a brief overview of the issue/challenge, and brief explanation of how I can specifically attenuate to your child’s issues/challenges.

    In-home visit or In-Office: For families with younger children, I can come to your house to change unhelpful habits andbehaviours andmodel healthy interactions, new routines and discipline strategies.

    E-mail support: Many families make use of e-mail support to trouble-shoot quick and simple questions and answers. If the question necessitates an in-depth answer, we will schedule a phone consultation.


    Quick Call Phone Consults : Families can check-in with questions, with "Quick Calls". Most questions are answered within 5-10 minutes. If a question necessitates longer phone time, we will schedule a longer phone conversation, lasting between 15-60 minutes (time is pro-rated by the minute).

Walk & Talks: After much client/parent interest, Walk & Talk sessions have been added for parents looking to get some exercise with their baby: a nature walk with their newborn/baby (using a sling, Björn, or stroller) and a talk about issues relevant to parenting. I will moderate/guide and plan the walk/hike, and parent(s) are encouraged to pick a relevant issue or theme to their parenting, or relationship with their infant/toddler that they would like to explore. I will meet you at the agreed upon walk/hike location.

In-Home Private Parenting Group Workshop (baby, toddlers, child or teen issues): Using anecdotes, humor, and dialogue, Gillian will entertain and inspire you. This is great for a small mother’s group, parenting community groups, play groups. It can also include follow up phone calls and emails.