Individual Psychotherapy

The goals of psychotherapy are to address old patterns and blocks, deepen internal awareness, and find new ways to confidently approach present or future emotional challenges. The non-judgmental and accepting practice of psychotherapy allows you to freely explore your inner world, reduce distress and symptoms, being awake to what is really happening in your life, and move towards living out your beliefs, values and what is important to you. Underneath some of our common symptoms are often raw questions about life, love and death and intimacy, what it means to age with grace, deeply forgive, how to engage in an intimate life while not holding on to anything.

You may be coming to navigate a life transition, recover from illness or addiction, manage anxiety and depression, feel a loss of meaning or experience disillusionment,  work through trauma, develop healthy boundaries in intimacy or at work, or grieve the loss of a loved one.


Couples Psychotherapy

Couples psychotherapy is to change patterns in the dynamic and move toward more connection and effective communication. The goal is to let down the guards of defense and attack to navigate conflicts,  vulnerability, opposing values or goals,  and emotional disconnection in a therapeutic and helpful way.


Family Psychotherapy

Whether challenged by a new baby in the house, a child's or teenager's behaviour, a parent's own history, or a family’s unique set of circumstances or transition, family psychotherapy relieves family issues and provides tools and strategies to create the foundation for long lasting communication, connection and resolution.


Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching alleviates distress and facilitates growth and development in children who are experiencing a range of emotional difficulties. For some children, they respond well to sensible consequences and strategies, while other children do not fit into tried and true methods. Parent Coaching helps you find a way for you and your child or teenager to handle the challenges life throws at us.  Parents will become more attuned to your children's needs and use tools to handle their own emotions. For parents with younger children, I provide sessions in your home for hands-on support and guidance to help change habits, create structure and develop better communication within the family.


Teen Coaching

Teen coaching helps both kids and parents navigate the most critical times of a teen's life. By building a non-judgmental and accepting space, teens can explore their inner world, dreams and visions and find what is important to them. Teen coaching is about giving tools to build strong relationships, create boundaries, be accountable, self-reflective, improve self-esteem and focus.